Here are some words of recommendation from our clients
I could not have done it without you Holly! Your expertise & skill enabled me to enjoy my 6 wk adventure to New Zealand & Australia, without the debilitating back pain that I had endured for so many years. I was convinced that my inability to walk or swim without pain would hamper my family's enjoyment BUT, I snorkeled, climbed hills, walked many beaches and forest tracks without pain! I am so grateful for my chance meeting at a TESCO workshop. IT HAS CHANGED MY LIFE!
Many thanks and gratitude, Val

Val M

Many thanks to Vanessa, my back is much improved - I can now run up the stairs once again!!
Feels great to be free of pain & back to my normal self.
Very helpful and friendly Receptionist too!
Many thanks


Thank you so much for helping me with my back problems. I've been seeing a physio for 18 months plus with no change to my problems, my back is sooo much better in a matter of weeks! Would recommend to anyone!
Thank you


I have been so pleased with the results of my treatment.
     I came for chiropractic treatment with my partner. We have both been transformed and feel so much fitter and mobile.
     I'm a nurse and have back troubles for some time. I can honestly say I feel like a new person.
            Anne A.

Anne A

I have been suffering with a back problem for years. I did not think anything could be done.
   My Chiropractor proved that wrong. I should have come sooner. I move so much better.

Michael S

I wanted to write to say how amazing Erika is. She began treating me in July 2018 because I had an unbearable pain in my shoulder. I saw her over a period of sessions, where she was able to ease my pain through treatment as well as exercises I could do myself at home. I continued to see her every 5-6 weeks just to maintain where she has got me to.
    Unfortunately I was hit from behind in a car accident at the end of November, which exacerbated my existing weakness and put me in a considerable amount of pain as well as being unable to complete day to day tasks. Erika has completed 6 sessions so far since my accident and has improved my pain considerably.
    I wanted to say a massive thank you to Erika for her easy manner and huge professionalism in treating me.

Emma B

Dear Vanessa,
        I wanted to write to thank you for all your hard work and kindness looking after my spine over the last year or so! We are sad to be leaving the area and I am sorry to be leaving my fab chiropractor too.
        Good luck to you and the team in the future.
                  All the best - Sally

Sally C

Dear Erika

Thank you for the superb care you gave me. I don't know how you found the cause of my pain, but I could feel you going to the right spot every time!

Such a relief - Thank you


Back last year I hurt my back and decided to wait it out and see if it would get better.  A month later my back was still hurting and I decided to go to my doctor to see if he could help.  When I walked out of there I got some ibuprofen and that's it, but the back was still ongoing.  I was then recommended by a friend to visit Erika, I was hesitant at first but when I got there I was surprised at how thorough she was, from telling me about the spine and how vital it is to keep it healthy, to making sure I understood everything they were explaining to me.  I feel much better now and I'm in very little pain.  I will definitely recommend her to any friends and family.


Dear Cat,
Thank you for the massage last Friday.  I felt wonderful for days after. I was a little apprehensive before, but your professional manner soon dispelled that.  I shall be back soon, everyone should have a sports massage from you.
Thank you.

Jean P

Always a warm welcome from the girls on the front desk, along with second to none treatment for my long suffering lower back.
I would recommend a visit if you have a back problem.
And as I have said more than once, "please don't move the practice", it's so convenient for me and very good treatment that always works....following a lower back operation 9 years ago.
Thank you

Ian B

I'm so delighted with my treatment!
After just one session, I can feel the improvement.
Today I ran for the first time in a very long time and it didn't hurt.
I've been walking around all day with a big smile on my face!
       Absolutely brilliant


I decided to try a treatment with Vanessa, not really convinced that she could help me, but after just six treatments, I am able to walk with my husband again.
The problem with my discs were getting worse and worse, but now I'm doing pilates!
The help I have been given has made me take more care of my body.

L. Lewis

L Lewis

I came with a sore back and got told what was wrong. After my fourth appointment I felt much better.
Vanessa was funny and nice to be around. She was very helpful and knew just what was going on.
I am really happy that I can go back to one of my dance lessons.
I am very thankful.

A - age 10


Last summer I was certain I was heading for a hip replacement. The pain was intense.
Now, thanks to Vanessa's skill, I am almost pain free and have a full range of movement.

S. Billington

I am so glad I found you.
Vanessa, you bring me so much relief. Worth every penny!!!

J. Fletcher

After five treatments with Vanessa, I feel years younger and can move with ease.
I think you've worked miracles.

W. Seymour

Following a 'bad' lift, for which I should have known better, I pulled some muscles in my back and was in extreme pain.
Vanessa saw me three times, and in fact, it was much more comfortable after the first visit.
The care and treatment was excellent.

C. Huxley

(flippant) - Now more stiff neck! No more pain! Yee Haw!!!

(cool) - Dr Spencer? Likeable; Professional; Effective. What more is there to say?

(classic sincerity) - Knowing nothing in advance about the chiropractic, I was astonished at how efficacious it has proved. Just a few short sessions with Dr Spencer has given total relief from my neck troubles. I am immensely grateful.

T. Tedbury

Just to say....a big thank you for looking after my aches and pains and for being such a friendly and welcoming bunch of lovely people!


I blew a disc 18 months ago and went to an osteopath for many weeks. Went in pain, came out in pain. Then I found Vanessa!
By the third visit my pain was less and less. I now only go once a month, just for a top up. I can now garden and life is good.
Thank you Vanessa (with the killer smile)

M. Gould

Booking and continuing my regular appointments with Vanessa is one of the best things I have ever done for my health and wellbeing.
Prior to these, I had daily back and neck pain in multiple locations and substantial headaches most weeks.
Through a concentrated series of appointments at the start and then monthly check-ups, I have noticed a huge and sustained improvement. I recommend Vanessa and Shaftesbury Chiropractic to anyone who experiences back pain and believe that regular preventative treatments are highly beneficial.
Further this this, Vanessa is friendly, caring and a wonderful example of a professional who cares about her clients.

Georgie P

I have received excellent chiropractic treatments from Dr. Vanessa Spencer.

If you need a highly competent professional to help you heal, you need look no further than the Shaftesbury Chiropractic practice.

The reception staff will always greet you with a smile and you can expect your appointments to be a positive experience, setting you on the path to recovery.

Long haul flights plus over vigorous sight-seeing/walking/cycling had left my body in poor shape!
Thankfully Vanessa's hands were on hand!  After just one session with Vanessa equilibrium was restored and I was much more comfortable and supple.
I would thoroughly recommend Vanessa as a Chiropractor.  She is thorough, intuitive and sensitive to the needs of the individual.

K. Booth

I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks.  The tension headaches at the base of my skull and tension pains in the back of my neck down to my shoulders were unbearable.
Vanessa was so understanding of my condition.  She made me feel safe.  Therefore it has not just been physically from her amazing skills of chiropractic but also mentally that she has been able to help me so much.
Thank you.  Also to all the team you have been so kind and welcoming.

V. Woods

I have just completed my second course of treatment with you and I wouldn't have believed it possible.  After years and years of backache and discomfort, I am now free of that constant nagging pain, its wonderful! Thank you so much.  Your cheerful disposition and your expert knowledge and skill have done the trick! I would also like to thank Helen for her kindly customer care at the reception desk.  What a team!  I would recommend to anyone with any sort of back trouble to go and see Vanessa Spencer and get it sorted out!  You don't have to put up with it!
As she herself said, 'if its mechanical we can fix it!" 
With grateful thanks.

Mr Underwood

The treatment is so good I am moving to Cornwall and will still be travelling for my monthly massage!


Woke up in agony - so much pain I was in tears and afraid I'd done something serious to my back. Within 24 hours I was seen  (my email was responded to within 30 minutes of sending). After one session I was able to move again and within 2 weeks following treatments and analgesia I'm pain free to be able to work.  I cannot recommend this practice and Vanessa hugely enough.  Trust them and follow their instructions - the treatment is worth every penny!


I put off going to the Chiropractor because of the things I had heard and the way their treatment is sometimes portrayed.  After a "gentle push" from my daughter I finally plucked up the courage to visit Vanessa.  I needn't have worried about a thing.  Vanessa put me at ease straightaway and alleviated all my fears.  There was to be no "bone cracking" and she talked me through every step of my treatment so I could understand what she was doing and why.  Following 6 intensive treatments and some regular maintenance visits I'm now pain free.  My only regret is I didn't go sooner!

Wendy Cooper

Vanessa is my 'go to' therapist for all manner of back and neck issues and niggles from which I suffer.  Vanessa takes her patients health very seriously and she cares about helping people.  She takes trying to improve each person's individual condition as a personal challenge and she is determined and driven to make a difference to every patient. 

Vanessa is very professional and she is a 'people person' who is a good listener with an excellent manner with patients; I rate her highly.

Phil Lawrence

After six visits with Vanessa treating my neck 'I feel like a different person'.

Sharon Blake

Thoroughly recommend Vanessa & her skills.
I have repetitive strain issues from my job & she has eased them so much & taught me brilliant ways to avoid strain on my joints & muscles as I work.  Her knowledge is amazing & I come away from every visit feeling pain-free & relaxed.
She & her team are friendly, attentive & lovely.
With all best wishes.

Cathy Harmes

Several months ago, when I had my first massage, it seemed like a bit  of an indulgence!  Since then I have discovered the benefits of treatment by Jason.

The original problem was stiffness to a shoulder that had been damaged in a fall.  After two treatments I began to realise how many niggling aches and residual stiffness there had been.  Since then my shoulder has recovered a lot more movement, more than I ever thought possible - and is almost pain free.

Recently I had abdominal surgery, then 8 weeks later I was again able to have a massage.  This time Jason gave me an overall soothing massage, he said it was too soon to do any deeper muscle work, immediately the result was fantastic, I was relaxed and felt quite different. I continue to have treatment every few weeks and no longer think of it as an indulgence.

From my own experience I believe Jason really knows his job and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to you.

Fran Dowse

Jason is the only one for me!  I have tried many sports masseurs in my time but now I need look no further.

Elaine Stallard

Jason:  Funny, kind - and a highly experienced and skillful masseur.  I walk in feeling terrible and walk out completely transformed, with good tips for how to keep it that way.  I count myself extremely lucky to have found him.

Vanessa Harrison

Vanessa is marvellous.  She achieved more in one session than my London Chiropractor tried to achieve in 5!

Dominic L.P

After a fall in the kitchen I came to the Shaftesbury Chiropractic clinic for help.   I was very dizzy and found walking in a straight line very difficult.  After six sessions here I was completely cured - I have been very impressed by the friendliness and help from the centre.  Thankyou so much.

Norman Damerell

Many thanks!
After being in agonising pain on Friday, a session with Vanessa had me nearly pain free on Sat morning!

Adam Franklin

What a brilliant service.   Really friendly, relaxing.
These guys know their stuff!  Massive recommendation.

Rob Targett

I don't know what you have done, but the result is simply AMAZING after only a couple of days.
Thank you so much.

Hilary Chenery

Without doubt the most relaxing hour I've had in a long time!
Never having had a massage before and not sure of what to expect, this sixty year old grandma was thoroughly delighted with the experience.
Thank you Jason.

Denise Featherstone

I have absolute confidence in you.... thank you so much!

Anne Nalty

After 5 treatments with Vanessa, I feel years younger and can move with ease. I think you've worked miracles.

Wendy Gordon-Seymour

Following a bad lift, for which I should have known better, I pulled some muscles in my back and was in extreme pain. Vanessa saw me 3 times and in fact it was much more comfortable after the first visit. The care and treatments were excellent. Thank you Vanessa.

Clare Huxley

My very grateful thanks for your skilled treatment... long may it last.

Erlend Copeley-Williams

I am so glad I found you Vanessa, you bring me so much relief. Worth every penny!! My deepest gratitude.

Julie Fletcher

Million times better!!!. Thank you so so much

Sam, Southbourne

I recommend an early visit to Shaftesbury Chiropractic if you have a back ache pain and have an examination by Dr. Vanessa Spencer M.Chiro D.C.

Geoffrey Hughes

Having had neck and back pain for so many years, I finally decided to do something about it! A relative recommended Vanessa and so I booked an appointment. It's been the best decision I ever made.
My neck pain has gone and back pain is under control. I have also learned so much about my body, Vanessa is a wealth of information.
I move more freely now and my posture has improved, and I can now stand upright!
Thank you so much.

Sue Pollard, Shaftesbury

Thank you Vanessa. After many months of pain & discomfort I am now able to move freely with no pain at all. It's such a wonderful feeling and I'm very grateful!

Susan Cuff, Shaftesbury

Knowing nothing in advance about chiropractic I was astonished how effective it has proved. Just a few short sessions with Dr. Spencer has given total relief from my neck troubles. I am immensely grateful.

Mr. Tedbury, Shaftesbury

Thank you for all you have done for me (including the chats!)

Lyn Giles

Thanks for helping me. I really appreciate it. Many thanks.

Christine Morrison

I have so appreciated your expertise, advice and wisdom over the years you have been treating me. This is a big big thank you. I'm going to miss you. On the plus side I'm delighted that you've got your own practice and in such a beautiful part of Dorset! I wish you all success. Your patients will be very lucky to be treated by you. I will always be grateful to you for looking after me in so many ways.

Liz, Southampton

I wanted to say Thank You for all your kindness and help when I had my frozen shoulder. Many thanks for all you did for me.


To Vanessa. Many thanks for all your help! You are brilliant!

Evelyn and Martin

Thank you for your excellent treatment, for the pain relief, advice and great chats! We will miss you. Hope all goes really well with your new venture and that it is a great success. Not that you need luck with your amazing skill.

Mandy, Beth and Sophie Southampton

Good luck with your new practice Vanessa. I'm sure it will be a great success if your new patients appreciate your treatment as much as I have over the last 3 years. They definitely will!

Jen Riddle-Brown

You have relieved much pain and anxiety and taught me how to manage my ageing body. Thanks

Anna, Southampton

Thank you most sincerely for the care you have taken of me.

Grace Tarry

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